Thermostats & Zoning

HVAC zoning is one way to focus in on specific areas of your house when targeting for set temperatures and comfort. This is especically useful for larger houses that need multiple HVAC systems to regulate the space.


Our experts can repair all makes and models of zoning equipment and even reset your thermostat and zoning equipment as needed.


Our thermostat and zoning services include checking operations, zoning dampers, sensors, and temperature checks at your thermostat for accurate readings.


Service calls include checking the operations of equipment and making necessary adjustments. Our experts can replace any zoning equipment or thermostat. This helps to keep your house cool.

Effective Thermostats and Zoning equipment

With all the new houses being built in the last 10 years, most of them with zoning, our zoning experts can take care of all your zoning needs. Whether you need a programmable or non programmable thermostat, we have the options for your control needs with Honeywell Zoning Equipment and Honeywell and Proline thermostats.

Thermostats operate at the brains behind your heating and cooling system. If the thermostats are your brain, then zoning is your muscle. Every system requires a brain, or thermostat, to operate. Muscle, or zoning, is a great addition to that system.

One way you can manually zone is to close off certain vents in your home to push more air towards open ones. However, it’s best not to close these vents completely. If you want to upgrade your home with professional zoning, then you’ve come to the right place! Contact the professionals today to start meeting your zoning and thermostat needs.

thermostats and zoning