Choosing the right cooling system for your home improves comfort and helps decrease your overall energy bill. That’s why it’s important to beat the Gerogai heat and keep your space cool and comfortable all year round.


We repair all makes and models and guarantee a perfect refrigerant charge on your AC.


It’s important to have your cooling system serviced and checked out before it gets hot. Most of the time, these services can prevent an outage or a breakdown of your air system before it happens!


If needed, our installing experts will replace your air system with a new, high efficiency heat pump or straight AC system.

Cooling Your Home

It’s a great idea to have your AC system serviced and cleaned every year to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. In the next few years, there will be more changes in the minimum efficiency rating. Our expert installers have the training and experience to install your new higher efficiency system. Airman stands behind every new system with stellar customer service and a great warranty.

How to Recognize a Faulty Air-Conditioning System

Georgia is known for it’s heat. Unfortunately for air-conditioners, that means that even the toughest of the bunch can fall victim to the heat and humidity that rules the summer season. Hours upon hours of operation take a heavy toll on fan motors and compressors. Airflow can be blocked by dirt, stopping energy flow while pretective lubricants easily dry and are rendered useless. Sometimes these issues cause a complete halt in your entire air-conditioning system. In other instances, the overall cooling in your home may become uneven or insufficient, causing a dent in your cooling bill and cutting down the entire life cycle of your system. But don’t worry! One call to the professionals and we will ensure that your air system is running smoothly.

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